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Sunday21 December 2014

Funders and Supporters


Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Created in 1937, Lilly Endowment Inc. is a private philanthropic foundation based in Indianapolis, IN. It supports the causes of religion, education, and community development, and it is interested in initiatives that benefit youth, foster leadership education among nonprofit institutions, and promote the causes of philanthropy and volunteerism. While the Endowment's grant making focuses primarily on Indiana, it also provides funding for programs that are national in scope.

USA Funds

USA Funds® is a nonprofit corporation that supports access to education by providing financial and other valued services to those who pursue, provide or promote education. USA Funds links colleges, universities, proprietary schools, private lenders, students and parents to promote financial access to higher learning.

Indiana Secondary Market FOR EDUCATION LOANS, INC. (ISM)

ISM is Indiana's state designated nonprofit secondary market for federal student loans.  Providing students and families with as many solutions as possible for funding their higher education, is ISM's goal.  ISM recommends resources for scholarships, grants, college and career selection, in addition to giving presentations to families about financial aid at schools across the state.


Indiana Student Financial Aid Association (ISFAA)

The Indiana Student Financial Aid Association (ISFAA) is an association of college and university financial aid administrators, lenders, guarantors, and other associated organizations and individuals. ISFAA serves the needs of students, institutions of higher education, government agencies, and private funding sources through the coordination of plans and programs for student financial aid. To accomplish this purpose, ISFAA promotes the professional preparation, effectiveness and recognition of all those concerned with the administration of student financial aid. In addition, ISFAA assists with communications between institutions of post-secondary education and sponsors of student financial aid.

Learn More Indiana

Learn More Indiana -- Indiana's College and Career Connection, supports and encourages lifelong learning for all Indiana citizens. Up-to-date materials, helpful checklists and other valuable resources provide parents, students, counselors and others with information about every aspect of education from early learning to K-12 to college to career. Learn More's comprehensive Web site and trained Helpline specialists offer support in making sure Hoosier children are ready to learn in kindergarten, reading at grade level by grade 3, exploring and setting sights on college and careers in middle school, taking rigorous Core 40 coursework in high school, completing postsecondary education, and pursuing opportunities for lifelong learning.

Learn More Indiana is made possible through a partnership of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education and its Division of Student Finacial Aid (SFA), the Indiana Department of Education and the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, with additional support from Indiana's colleges and universities, USA Funds and the Lumina Foundation for Education all working together to provide information that supports learning. Call the toll-free help line today 1-800-992-2076.

Indiana Commission for Higher Education

The mission of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education's Division of Student Financial Aid (SFA) is to make college affordable through need-based financial aid awards and to allow choice by granting awards to those attending public, independent and proprietary colleges. SFA attempts to increase college preparation through its 21st Century Scholar program and by giving increased award amounts to those graduating from high school with Academic or Technical Honors Diplomas.

Prior to July 1, 2012, SFA was known as the State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana (SSACI).


Young Men’s Christian Associations (YMCA) respond to critical social needs by drawing on their collective strength as of one of the largest not-for-profit community service organizations in the United States. Today’s YMCAs serve thousands of U.S. communities, uniting 21 million children and adults of all ages, races, faiths, backgrounds, abilities and income levels. Their reach and impact can be seen in the millions of lives they touch every year. At every stage of life, YMCAs are there to help children, families and individuals reach their full potential.

Throughout Indiana, the YMCA branches serve diverse communities—providing millions of dollars in scholarships, program subsidies, and underwritten program in low-income communities. They do more than serve people in the community—the YMCA helps them thrive.


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